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Telas Wire Cloth Co.

Plain Square Weave Wire Cloth

Telas offers plain square weave wire cloth fabrics in a variety of wire diameter (threads size) and mesh counts.

Metal Wire Mesh Cloth, Plain Weave, Square Hole

Plain Square Weave Wire Cloth, Steel Mesh, Hot Dipped Galvanized:
We offer plain square woven wire mesh for producing a metal matrix composite utilizing wire cloth.
The rolls of wire cloth 48" wide, 8 mesh, steel, hot dipped galvanized.
In the past we have produced mesh wire with a diameter of .017 with a weight of .195 lbs per sq. ft.
We can offer a product with a higher weight, but not lighter, so the weight per roll(4' X 100') should be 78 lbs. at a minimum. For the weaving mesh, we can use wire with a diameter of .020 or .023.

Plain Square Weave Wire Mesh, Stainless Steel and Titanium Material:

1. 17-4 PH Stainless Steel
2. 17-7 PH Stainless Steel
3. 6Al-4V Titanium – Grade 5

• Plain square weave
• Diameter of wire could be from .060 to as large 0.1"
• Size of openings could be from 0.25 to as large as 0.5"
• Percentage of open area should be kept to as minimal as possible
• Quantity – at least one 4'x8' sheet of each material, or minimum order requirement

Stainless steel wire mesh cloth Plain Weaving Method:
This is the most simple weaving type with each weft wire passing over one and under one warp wire, and each warp wire passing over one and under one weft wire. The weft wire has the same diameter with the warp wire. Among all woven wire products, Plain woven stainless steel wire mesh has the maximum opening and the minimum thickness of the fabric.

General Specifications Inquired by our Customers:
-Roll Width: 165cm
- mesh warp thread: 164.6cm
-mesh weft thread: 167.6cm

#of MESH 380
width - 161cm or 158cm
Mesh count warp - 199.7cm or 150cm
Mesh count weft - 149.9cm or 150cm
Qty: 250 meters

#of MESH 420
width - 161cm or 158cm
Mesh count warp - 199.7cm or 150cm
Mesh count weft - 149.9cm or 150cm
Qty: 250 meters

Wire Cloth Sheet or Roll Size: 1,200mm x 700mm
Mesh per Inch = 9 x 9
Wire = 1.6 MM
Width = 100 cm
Length = 120 cm
Material = SS 321