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Telas Wire Cloth Co.

industrial wire cloth

Telas provides comprehensive range of industrial wire cloths, ranging from coarse opening to fine opening and manufactured from stainless steel and other metal materials. Industrial wire cloth can be welded hardware wire cloth, hexagonal wire netting, woven wire mesh or galvanized wire mesh.

Processing can be welding, weaving, twisting, pre-crimping.
Openings vary from square opening, hexagonal opening, slotted opening, etc.

Industrial wire cloth is ideally suited to filtration and various industrial applications, and has proved their properties in many different environments and situations.

Consistent mesh size distribution of Telas Wire Cloth guarantees a significantly higher particle separation and separation of foreign materials.

Telas Wire cloths are used in:

Pressure filters for fine filtration in hydraulic steering equipment
Oil and fuel filters
Filter candles
Protection of steering and fuel injection nozzles
Insulation / sound attenuation
In the following industrial sectors
Air and space travel
Automotive industry
Chemical and pharmaceutical industry/Biotechnology
Medical science
Food and beverage industry
Plastics industry
Environmental technology

Materials and Sizes Available:

Industrial wire cloth is made primarily in stainless steel AISI 304L and AISI 316L, also in other metals and alloys including Monel, Brass, Plain Steel, Phosphor Bronze, Titanium, etc.
Standard widths: 1m or 3’. Other widths are available on request.
Standard roll lengths: 30 m or 100’.